EV Charging Stations

Move over fuel based and smoke-emitting vehicles. Electric vehicles have captured the imagination of policy-makers and automobile manufacturers globally. These machines not only help users save money, but also promote a safe and clean environment.
India's automobile industry is the sixth largest in the world.
The future of EV's, in fact, looks quite promising. However, while there are electric Cars, electric bikes, and e-rickshaws plying on Indian roads, the lack of infrastructure and the high initial costs are major challenges.
One of the major hurdles is charging. It is not feasible to take an EV for a long-distance journey due to lack of sufficient charging stations.
We at wayside utilities take this opportunity to work alongside the government by providing FAST charging stations for Electronic Vehicles at all our wayside outlets along the highways to make charging easy and hassle free for EV users.
This way we are looking at promoting the use of electronic vehicles for long journeys. There by reducing the use of fossil fuel powered vehicles, reducing pollution for a better and cleaner environment.
The day is not far when the pollution levels in Indian cities will go down and the country will have a cleaner atmosphere without compromising on its transportation infrastructure.

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